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A Father’s Journey With His Disabled Son

Johnny-home-color-framed This is Johnny’s story…
as told by his dad, John

He’s not responding.” The doctor’s words echoed in our heads as we stood in that sterile hospital corridor. The surgery was completed, an hour ago, and we were waiting outside intensive care to see our son.

He was supposed to say, “You can see him now and everything is fine.” Isn’t that how these things end? I can still see his face, so serious… “He’s not responding, we’re taking him back up for a scan.

This book tells the story of a remarkable young man and the family that stuck with him, no matter what. It provides a voice for those in similar circumstances and offers insight to those who can only imagine.

I trust that in some small way it provides comfort to those who are wrestling with their own problems and feel that no one understands.

The lesson: in the end, sometimes hope wins out and most of all, love can hurt, but it never fails.

John Holton

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