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The Holton Family

In the Book’s Introduction, I provide a candid look into the lives of Johnny and his family,
which serves well as an overview of Johnny’s story as told in the book.

Here is the Introduction…

The only people who can truly hurt you are those that you love. This may be intentional on their part, which in itself is hard to comprehend, but often it is unintentional. The latter forms the basis for this book.

The  birth  of  a child, a first child especially, is  the  greatest, most anticipated, and at the same time the most frightening experience of a couple’s life. This was proven without a doubt when Johnny entered our lives after 53 hours of labour.  The smiles on the doctors’faces belied the difficulty of the birth by Caesarean section and would haunt us for years.

His mother was the first to notice that everything was not quite right. After several weeks of difficulties with breastfeeding she detected a minor flaw, which the experts passed off as a paranoid mother’s imagination working overtime. After all, he looked normal. There was no indication of the monster lurking within, but it was there, that little something, a weakness on the right side.

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